It’s amazing how much your life can change in a short space of time

A longthe ballad of alex k at hidden lane tearooms time ago, or at least that’s how it feels, I was involved in the music and arts scene; producing podcasts, recording live events, promoting artists, filming and editing promos, and basically just trying to make a living either being creative, or working with other creative people. In financial terms I was hugely unsuccessful, but in terms of being fulfilled by what I did on a daily basis I was extremely happy. At first. For the most part the relationships I built with people helped give me an enormous sense of well-being, but inevitably things changed and the good feelings didn’t last. I don’t blame anyone, it was a fantastic period of learning and change in my life, and I am still in touch with most of the people I care about in some way, most of whom I would like to be in contact with more, and some of whom I am no longer in contact with I hope to meet again in future, and I am sure I will. Glasgow in particular is a fairly small place.

One of those distant-ish friends who I keep in contact with through social media is a writer, blogger, journalist, and all round good person Lis Ferla. Lis writes the blog Last Years Girl, which seems to have a setting which means an article from her archive is posted at random every day. Last night an article Lis  had written about  one of the last time’s I played a live gig appeared via a twitter link. The gig was at a night I used to promote and record in The Hidden Lane Tea Rooms in the west end of Glasgow and featured some people I have known and admired for years now;  artists Paul McGranaghan and Shambles Miller, the poet and writer Martin Kinnaird, and of course my band at the time The Ballad Of Alex K, which featured my friend the singer songwriter Alex Kenzel.

I miss playing a little bit, I certainly miss the thrill of writing a new song and practising it while it grows from an idea into something tangible. I don’t miss the anxiety of performing in front of people, although I have learned to cope with anxiety and see it in a more healthy context these days, so who knows, I may go back to playing a little at some point in the future. The main thing I miss are the people I used to meet, and the conversations we used to have. Luckily, this is something that is within my power to do something about. I have included a link to the article below.

i don’t know if i’m going to change the world or just drink tea;


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