Therapy Everyday – Five Factor Models

cat and dog This has been a pretty bizarre week; my dog Kermit was attacked by another dog on Tuesday and I spent the night with him at the vet emergency department. He is OK now, apart from his ear being split in three and the giant cone on his head to stop him scratching, but all things considered this week has definitely fallen out of the realm of what I would perceive as a ‘normal’ week. The dog being poorly meant I had to work from home yesterday, which in turn meant I wasn’t around to carry out some of my duties and this turn of events meant one of my volunteers didn’t get paid travel expenses. I found out about this earlier today and I was fairly livid, but the opportunity arose to do some work so I completed a thought record as a way of illustrating how this CBT stuff can be used practically on a daily basis. I calmed down pretty quickly and I hope to avoid this situation cropping up in future, but at the time when I found out, I certainly didn’t feel to balanced or rational. I have included the worksheet below:


Five Factor 280716 png


The Thought Record simply splits up the experience of what is happening into 7 parts:

  1. What happened?
  2. What was the impact? (How did the situation/trigger make you feel?)
  3. What thoughts/images impacted on your emotions? (which one thought/image has the most impact on your emotions?)
  4. How do you convince yourself the thoughts/images are realistic?
  5. What evidence do you have that would contradict the thoughts/images?
  6. Can you use the evidence against the thoughts/images to produce a more rational thought/image?
  7. How do you feel after coming up with a more rational thought/image?

My record took less than ten minutes to complete, and you can download thought records free from



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