Therapy Everyday – Urge Log

I left the recovery café and headed home with Kermit who I was looking after today so he came to the recovery café with me. I decided I was going to go for a run after visiting my mum, but I felt quite tired and drained, so I thought I would nip in to Tesco on the way home and grab a can of energy drink. Yup, I realise absolutely awful, filled with terrible chemicals, but I need to stress I am not a zen monk. If I am tired, but I want a boost before exercising, I currently reach for a can of the horrible stuff (sugar free I might add!)

Urge Log provided by SMART Recovery
Urge Log provided by SMART Recovery


After grabbing a 500ml can of sugar free caffeine, I strolled to the check out but had to walk past the pastry section! Arrrrggghh, the sudden urge to buy croissants washes over me. I love buttery pastry, and croissants are my favourite. On offer today are almond, chocolate and classic plain buttery, flaky croissant. The urge is not as intense as the urge I had to at the beginning of the SMART meeting, but the smell of the pastry continues to waft over me as I wait to pay for the energy drink. I think about how well I have done so far today, I quickly pay, and shuffle out to the car as quick as possible before writing my log update while sitting in the car park. I immediately feel better, and even a bit smug, off we go again.



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