Therapy Everyday – Urge Log cont…..

As we began our SMART Recovery meeting today I noticed I was beginning to feel stressed. I had some reservations about the inexperienced facilitators, and I was also beginning to feel hungry. At this point, my normal reaction would be to reach for the nearest available snack, and the table with the remaining cakes and biscuits was only a few feet from my current position. The option to go and gorge on some tasty sugary treats was tantalisingly close, and as the check in began I made the decision to quickly scribble on my urge log about how I was feeling.

Urge Log provided by SMART Recovery
Urge Log provided by SMART Recovery



As you can see from this entry I rated the intensity at 8/10 as it was the strongest urge to eat crap I have had all day. Although the urge only lasted a few seconds, the intensity made the urge really stand out from the others I have experienced so far today. The urge also kind of snuck up on me, which differentiated the experience from the earlier urges; I kind of expected the previous urges due to the situations I was involved in, either by looking at the cakes and biscuits or being taking photos of the cakes and biscuits. This time, I just happened to be in the same room; however what was different was how I was feeling! I was stressed, I was thinking in an irrational way, and my solution was too reach for the chocolate!


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