Therapy Everyday – Urge Log cont…..

This afternoon after the recovery café I paid a visit to my mum in her residential care home. My mum has Alzheimer’s and is in the later stages of the disease having been diagnosed 8 years ago when she was still relatively young. As her condition has deteriorated, it has become increasingly difficult to offer her the help and support she needs, and for obvious reasons, this situation can provide a great amount of stress. My mum does not have a great appetite any more, but one thing she absolutely still adores are sweet treats (I wonder where I learned this behaviour from????). The fact mum can always be relied upon to get her calories in the worst possible way means we always have a selection of tasty treats to choose from in her room at the care home. This can be a terrible combination for me some days; the stress of watching a loved one affected by a debilitating illness, combined with readily available comfort food is a no brainer some days, but not today! Today I come armed with my urge log, and even though I am surrounded by all kinds of chocolate, biscuits, sweets, and even the offer of ice cream, I think about going for a run after visiting mum and think about updating my log and keeping today on track.


Mum isn’t great today, so it is really stressful. She is struggling to speak and helping her eat is more difficult than sometimes, but we get through and I keep in mind how much better I will feel if I go for a run before going home for dinner.

Urge log provided by SMART Recovery
Urge log provided by SMART Recovery

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