Therapy Everyday – Urge Log cont…

So as you can see from the previous post I took a snap of the cakes and biscuits available for people attending our weekend recovery café, and as sure night follows day, I immediately got an urge to gorge myself on the tasty treats! I quickly walked away from the table with the snacks in order to write my log. I thought to myself ‘this will pass’ and it did.

This definitely highlights how quickly an urge can turn into action, and the consequences of this that inevitably ensues. This process has made me think a lot today about my diet. I often eat very well, a very balanced and healthy diet, however I snack on sweet treats a lot of the time and although this has not had any consequences up to this point in my life other than meaning I have a BMI on the high side, because I exercise a lot so far I have not been affected. I would qualify this with the awareness I am not getting younger, and at some point snacking on sweet treats will inevitably begin to have visible consequences, I am probably already affected by hidden consequences, and I haven’t considered any of these until this point. Completing the urge log is bringing all of this into sharp focus.

Urge log provided by SMART Recovery
Urge log provided by SMART Recovery

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