Therapy Everyday : Anxiety and Stress

Stress and Anxious Thoughts

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything, and I pay for this website, so I figure I should probably use it now and again. Of course I am being disingenuous. I decided towards the end of September that I should probably spend more time finishing my accreditation to become a psychotherapist and less time wittering online. I gave myself 6 weeks to complete and hand in, that was in September.

I have still not handed in my application….

To be fair, I have actually completed the application and I am now just packaging. I will post my application with my friend at the end of the month and then wait the 5 months to find out if I can call myself a psychotherapist, or remain a therapist. In the meantime, I guess this is a good time to look at my goals from a couple of months back. Clearly I have not achieved my goals, but what have I been doing instead of using therapeutic tools regularly and then writing about it for my blog?


As it turns out, I have been living, eating, teaching, working, playing, stressing, worrying, laughing and pretty much doing all the things I have been doing regularly until this point in my life. My mother continues to get worse, such is the way of degenerative conditions. My stress and anxiety has been manageable at times, and less so at others. Although I have felt stressed and under pressure, I realise that this is related to what is happening in my life at present. This means I have been able to draw links between external factors, internal factors, and coping mechanisms. I would be more concerned, or maybe even require specific interventions if my ability to cope or the effect of factors on my ability to cope, had begun to appear out of sync. For example, although I haven’t felt great at times recently, this is linked to my mother’s on-going illness, as well as how much time I have been able to spend attending to myself in order to help me cope with what is going on. I have felt supported by my family and friends, and I have been able to utilise supervision to aid my work and ensure I am able to offer my clients the therapeutic interventions they require. However, none of this means I can’t feel better more of the time, none of this means if I don’t make changes I won’t be able to cope better and adapt to my situation in a healthier way. This is a developing situation and I intend to mindful of my feelings, and mindful of the situation I find myself in.

One of the things I have noticed is that the way I exercise has changed; in the past I have ran daily, something I rarely do these days. Also, I have not made time to relax/meditate recently; it has been months since I practised any yoga. My intervention for the next week is to run more and complete some yoga. My hypothesis is that if I do this, I will feel better and cope with my stress in a healthier way. Simple. There are lots of thought exercises I could do to tackle any anxiety I am feeling at this time, but I am choosing to use behavioural interventions as the source of stress appear to be rational and  external which I have little control of at present. If I cannot change the external factors, I will attempt to change how I am feeling.

I am hoping to do more of this in 2017
I am hoping to do more of this in 2017

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