Developing and moving on

I was delighted to receive confirmation from the BABCP that I have been successful in my application for accreditation so I can now call myself a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. This marks another stage in my own journey, and it has been a difficult stage to negotiate. When I completed my diploma in CBT at the end of 2014, I assumed it would take me another 12-18 months to gain my accreditation. As my old tutor used to say, life gets in the way, and it has been a far longer journey than I anticipated. My work for ASC takes up so much of my time and helping to design and facilitate the growth of a recovery community, combined with the work that goes in to research the effect of the community and evaluate our impact on the growth of recovery within the community has been rewarding, challenging, but more than anything else time consuming. Thankfully, it has also been enjoyable for the most part and I look forward to watching our community to continue to develop and grow.

The reason I wanted to post this blog was to say how valuable good supervision was to me in assisting me to gain my accreditation. Without the help, guidance, patience and wisdom of my supervisor Ann I might well have given up on the process at one point. I certainly would probably not have finished when I did. I also had the help of my friend and fellow therapist Kiera for the last few months of the process. We egged each other on, supported each other, provided information for each other, and also provided a shoulder to cry on when the frustration became to much. I guess going through this process highlighted one of the ways in which therapy can be so powerful, in that by sharing a journey with other people allows us to draw strength from each other, and find solace in the shared experience if necessary.


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